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Rear Window Graphics

Use full rear windshield to advertise!

What is a Rear Window Decals?: are one of the easiest accessories that you can add to your vehicle today for business or personal use

Vehicle decals printed on micro-perforated vinyl. Allows you to cover entire windows and still see outside them from the inside of your vehicle. A great way to increase brand exposure without obstructing your view! The material is applied to the exterior surface of your window.

Are they legal?: every state has its own laws, requirements and restrictions about the use of vinyl graphics on vehicles. Before installing your rear window graphics be sure to check the laws for your state to ensure your graphics are legal. All states prohibit use of perforated window vinyl on the front windshield and the front passenger and driver side windows.

Can I really see through?: Yes, you can! The more vertical the rear window the greater the visibility. Rear window graphics are not recommended for some vehicles with highly angled rear windows as the angle reduces the driver's visibility.

Durability: A rear window graphic can las several years, depending on the material used and conditions in which the car is driven and stored. The vinyl film can be removed completely using heat from a heat gun or torch.

Lamination is strongly recommended if your graphic is planned for a longer than 6 months, for short term use (less than 6 months) laminating is not necessary.

What is lamination?: Is the process of applying a layer of clear vinyl material (or laminate) over the printed side of your window graphics. While barely visible on the finished graphic, the laminate helps keep your window graphics clean, prevents fading from UV rays, and protects your graphics from scratches or damage from abrasion.

Preparation: You should wash your car the day of or day before installation. If your car is not clean when delivered for installation there will be a charge for washing the car prior to installation.

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