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Five Easy Ways to Modernize your Print Marketing (2020)

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Print Marketing is considered by many to be one of the most important forms of marketing, but in a world of quickly evolving digital media and changing population qualities in the United States, maintaining a modernized print marketing campaign has become more difficult than ever before. Here, however, are five easy ways to modernize your print marketing practices to leave a meaningful impression on your businesses target audience

Don’t Use “One Size Fits All” Approaches

Arguably, the most important aspect of print marketing is conceptualizing your audience. You want your print marketing campaigns to be meaningful to a specific niche of individuals in your audience. Without a Niche in mind, your marketing strategy becomes too broad and ambiguous to catch the attention of any individual. It is important to remember that consumers come in contact with thousands of print advertisements every year and often times glaze over their messages. When you create a targeted print marketing campaign you will make a much more meaningful impression on the individuals you reach and maintain their attention for a much longer period of time. This leaves a lasting impression of your company in consumers’ minds and results in better brand recognition. Even if the amount of impressions you get from the marketing campaign is lower, the impressions are much more meaningful.

Let’s say you are a Golf Course looking to sign more members. Creating a print campaign including all of your deals would be overwhelming and not targeted. If you created a print campaign about special deals and programs you have for senior golfers, it would be much more likely to make a meaningful impression on a target demographic. Or maybe you are looking to bring families in, creating a campaign on a Kids lessons program would be another great example of a specified campaign.

Enhance your Graphics- Grabbing Attention is Key

Giving all of your consumers the information they need in one document is in the past. Print marketing has become much more about making a short but memorable impression. Bold, Colorful, and Clean designs are much more appealing to the American population that is continuously lowering its average attention span. Appealing graphics is considered by many as the most important aspect of print marketing.

Another great way to advertise is on the road, where people are forced to pay attention to their surroundings. Attractive, colorful and concise car wraps, decals, and other intriguing road advertisements are a great way to leave a short yet memorable impression. (Disclaimer: you do not want to clutter these advertisements, as consumers shy away from information overload).

The Print to Digital Approach

Although Print Marketing is essential to advertising many businesses, there is no denying that the Internet and digital advertising has created a much richer medium for business communications. Instead of splitting from this new avenue of marketing, leverage the capabilities of both. Incorporating QR Codes in your print marketing can take a print marketing campaign to the next level. Not only does the targeted consumer have the benefit of holding a tangible piece of business advertising, but they can use that piece of print marketing to immediately sign up for email campaigns, schedule an appointment, or visit your website.

Declutter Your Campaign

As I mentioned previously, In the United States, the average attention span has dropped significantly, meaning that the ways of loading up a piece of paper with deals, products, and product explanations are in the past. Decluttering your advertisements are essential to not overwhelm your audience and to make a more memorable impression.

Go through all of the information on your print advertising and ask yourself, “is this really necessary for the consumer to understand what this ad is about?” By doing this you can focus the limited amount of time you have with consumers on the very most important information that you want them to know. An overwhelming print marketing campaign is an ineffective campaign.

Usefulness is Key

One of the largest trends lately in print marketing is “useful” print materials. One great example of this is business cards with rulers on the side, multiplication tables on the back, or tip calculators on the back (to tip waiters when eating out). The purpose of these business cards are not related to the actual business being advertised but solely to give consumers a reason to hold on to the marketing material you give them and then presumably keep your business in their mind more often.


Print and digital marketing can be an overwhelming adventure for any business owner. It can be incredibly difficult to focus on both the production and administrative side of a small business; but with these easy tips, we hope we have helped you think of some new ideas that potentially could result in some major improvements to your print marketing campaign.

If you would like help deciding, designing, and printing print and digital marketing materials, Chromatic is here to assist you with our various options of print and digital marketing services and products!

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