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Are Magnetic Calendars Successful?

The simple answer, yes. Without a question, promoting your company with a useful

personalized calendar magnet is a great way to place your advertisement where your consumer will be able to see it on a regular basis. Its no surprise that personalized calendar magnets are one of our most popular items. Not only are they extremely successful, but they are also affordable in bulk quantities!

Calendar magnets can deliver your marketing message in a way that you're proud to put your name behind, and proud to hand out to clients and prospects.

So the big question is: "Should I use magnetic calendars to promote my business?"

The answer is yes, for a couple reasons:

It's marketing that sticks around. Unlike pape, it is not easily lost, torn, or thrown away.

It's practical, easy, and affordable. Clients will love the handy calendar, and you'll love the year-long impressions!

Suggestions on how to get the most from your magnets calendars:

Make magnetic calendars the anchor of your annual marketing plan.

You should be in contact with your clients and prospects. Magnetic calendars are the top-selling personal promotional magnet among for business. Start your annual marketing plan by mailing magnetic calendars to everyone on your list.

Always choose personalized for the most polished business image.

You can't accomplish your marketing goals if you present a poor business image. Always print your personalized information on the magnet in a high quality way.

Share with local businesses.

Try to get them to a high traffic place. Local business will sometimes agree to keep your marketing materials in their location, this could help promote your business in a low-cost way.

Civic Groups

Service and volunteer organizations such as Rotary, Soroptimist, Chamber of Commerce and many others are unique settings to share your custom calendar magnets.

Community events

Find local community events to maximize visibility of your business!! Magnetic calendars are a great hand-out to bring to markets, festivals and events. They're portable and handy!

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